Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Notes from the Playground by Peyton Lee

(Peyton has been keeping a journal of her thoughts each day. She tells Mama what to write. Her is an excerpt)

18 April
Dada shared his goldfish. Mama took us to the store with popcorn. How kind of her. Cinderella wants to say bye to you.

21 April
I didn't do anything. I rode bikes at school. At Disneyland we saw Handy Manny and he had trouvles and we had to look for him. We were looking for Pat and he had trovles too.

23 April
I had pan -a- cakes. We had Teddy Bear pickanick. To Grampy: You can come with me some other time but you can have a big boy seat. Kaitlin was hugging me but sometimes I don't want to be hugged.

2 May
I wanna watch a mobie but Dada said no.

5 May
Ummm . . . I don't know. I dont member who I played with. I played with Beverly.